Texas District 100th Anniversary Hymn

To commemorate the District's 100th Anniversary, the Anniversary Task Force commissioned the writing of the 100th Anniversary Hymn. Dr. Carl Schalk, Professor of Music Emeritus at Concordia University, River Forest, and well-known composer of hymns in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, was selected to write the music and various pastors of the Texas District were selected to write the hymn stanzas. The hymn is based on the anniversary text PSALM 79:13 "Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise." NIV

The Task Force wanted the hymn stanzas to reflect some of the history of the district. So, stanzas would be composed in English, Wendish, German and Spanish. The result of this commissioning is an eight stanza hymn entitled, "The Lord Who Seeks, Creator God".

The first and last stanzas are Trinitarian/Doxological written by The Rev. Randall Haedge of Bethel, Dallas; and The Rev. John Selle of Faith, Georgetown; respectively. The stanza in Wendish, written by The Rev. Elmer Hohle (Emeritus, a member of Faith, Georgetown), emphasizes God the Father/Creator; the stanza in German, written by The Rev. Dr. Kent Heimbigner of Charity, Burleson; emphasizes God the Son/Redeemer; and the stanza in Spanish, written by The Rev. Eloy Gonzales of Iglesia Luterana Cristo Nuestro Salvador, San Antonio; emphasizes God the Holy Spirit/Sanctifier. Three additional stanzas in English emphasizing the history of the Texas District were written by The Rev. Dr. Clyde Duder, Concordia University, Austin. The initial letters in each of Duder's stanzas form an acrostic A CENTURY FOR TEJAS DISTRICT. The stanzas are printed below. The translations of the Wendish, German and Spanish stanzas are printed to the right of each.

The music for the hymn with the first and last stanzas is available as a PDF file. Follow the link below.

Download Hymn in PDF file format.

Congregations are encouraged to become familiar with the Anniversary Hymn. Use the stanzas in English. The English translations of the Wendish, German and Spanish stanzas are not intended to be sung. All stanzas will be sung when the hymn is used in the Texas District Convention with the convention choir singing the Wendish, German and Spanish stanzas.

Stanza One
The Lord who seeks, Creator God,
Whose reaching hands embrace the lost,
The Servant, Jesus, Living Word,
Who is the Gift beyond all cost,
Descending Dove, The Spirit-flame,
Disciples grow in Your pure grace,
To You, forevermore the same,
From age to age our hymn we raise.

Stanza Two
And well before that sixth new year,
Came wending those of Godly fear
Emigres who forsook Deutschland
Not willing that Christians renounce
The wondrous grace of God's new call
Unto a land where free for all
Required not union but austere
Yet witnessing among those here alone!

Stanza Three (Wendish)
Spewac chcemy: Cesc budz Bohu,
Swjatemu a luboznemu
Werimy do Boha Wotca
Njebjes zemje stworicela.
Won je dal nam ceto, dusu,
Wedze nas na prawym pucu.
Za to so my dzakujemy,
Stuzimy a postuchamy.

Stanza Three (English)
We shall sing: Glory be to God,
We shall sing: Glory be to God,
We believe in God, the Father,
Creator of heaven and earth.
He has given us body and soul.
He leads us upon the right pathway.
For this we thank,
Serve and obey Him.

Stanza Four
Fearful that loss of heritage
0f Christ and culture's language gap
Remorse, resolve, repent, rejoice.
The children now will learn to know
E'en as they grow in stature wise.
Just by the faith not compromised
And in the heat, the desert's sear
Sang alleluias midst their tears alone!

Stanza Five (German)
Ich glaub das Je-sus Chris-tus kam,
Der wah-rer Gott, der ewge Sohn,
Auch wah-rer Mensch, er ist mein Herr,
Fur mich ge-storb'n, brauch' ich nichts mehr;
Mein Leib mit sei-nem Blut be-malt,
Ganz auf dem Kruez mein Schuld bezahlt',
Ich wer-de nun im Him-mel leb'n,
Durch Ihn ich wer-de auf-er-steh'n

Stanza Five (English)
I believe that Jesus Christ came,
the true God, the eternal Son,
and also real Man, He is my Lord,
died for me, I need nothing more,
my body painted with His blood,
totally on the Cross my debt He paid,
now I will live in heaven,
through Him I will rise again.

Stanza Six
Did thus those centuries record
In counties Perry, Lee and more
Sermons from leaders called away
To synod's vistas and to say
Remember that the Spirit's joy
Is ever from the throne of grace
Calling us to a Fatherland
That place where all shall understand alone!

Stanza Seven (Spanish)
Santo Espritu amado;
De tinieblas me has llamado
Luz divina has encendido;
Que revela a Jesucristo.
Por el don que Tu has dado;
A Tu Iglesia has integrado,
A Tu pueblo bendecido;
Que han por Ti en la cruz criedo.

Stanza Seven (English)
Beloved Holy Spirit:
Out of darkness you have called me
Divine light you have ignited.
That Jesus Christ reveals.
Through the gift that You have given;
To your Church You've incorporated
Your blessed people,
That by You in the cross have believed.

Stanza Eight
Eternal-King, Creator blest,
All creatures voice Your songs of praise;
O Jesus, Shepherd-Lamb, we owe
You grateful hymns through endless days;
O Holy Breath, God's Spirit Fire
Christ's faithful band You set ablaze;
In Paradise, where joy abounds,
Your saints will sing "Amazing Grace!"