The first 8-minutes of the documentary DVD "One Hundred Years of Faith" debuted at the 57th Texas District Convention in Houston on Friday, June 23rd. The special historical documentary produced to celebrate the ministry of Jesus Christ in Texas through the Lutheran church was shown before the delegates and visitors during Friday's first "Centennial Moments" presentation.

100 DVD

A new documentary video chronicles the early history and formation of the Texas District LCMS as well as explores some of the more recent ministries and worship styles in practice today.

Psalm 79:13

The documentary offers a brief look into the early history and formation of the Texas District as well as explores the significance of Lutheran education in Texas, Multicultural ministries and traditional and contemporary worship styles.

The "One Hundred Years of Faith" DVD is available for a cost of $10 + shipping and handling. If you are interested in ordering your copy of this special Centennial DVD, please contact the Texas District office.

Texas District LCMS
7900 Highway 290 East
Austin, Texas
(512) 926-4272


If you have already purchased or received a copy of "One Hundred Years of Faith" from the Texas District Convention and found any defects in your DVD, please contact Seventy Times Seven Media for your free replacement DVD (hang on to your DVD case, however, as these will not be replaced for free). We've had a few recent reports of some audio sync problems on some select DVD's and we are committed to replacing them at no cost. Simply call or email us with your name and address and we will verify and send you a replacement copy. This only applies to copies received or purchased at the Texas District Convention in Houston.

Contact Tim Ristow at Seventy Times Seven Media below for further information or to get your replacement copy:

Seventy Times Seven Media
P.O. Box 2008
Bastrop, Texas
(512) 799-0450