Lutheran Schools: A Blessed and Significant Part of our District's History

When the Texas District LCMS observes its 100th anniversary in 2006, students in Lutheran Schools across the state will join in the celebration. Each school has its own story and giving students an opportunity to learn that story can go a long way in developing an understanding of God's blessings in the past, His provision for the present and His promises for the future.

Celebrating God's blessings on a district-wide level will encourage boys and girls, young men and young women, to see the larger network of churches and schools to which their church family belongs. They will see the bigger picture and know that God has worked powerfully with His Holy Spirit among us in the Texas District to develop faith communities that "preserve and extend" His kingdom. Celebrating baptism as our new birth into the family of believers is a very personal and meaningful "thank you" to God for His work.

Young people will know that God has wonderfully blessed us with faithful men and women to provide leadership throughout the generations. Through times of hardship and testing, prosperity and celebration, His care and providence has not wavered. Students can access histories of leaders and of the district on our district website and that information can be used in class work and presentations.

Students will know that God's work continues! Young people learn well to joyfully share and show the love of Jesus with classmates, family members and their local and global neighbors. Classroom and Sunday School teachers will have options to share the heritage by sharing God's unfailing mercy to our communities. The first such intentional event is Friendship Week 2005 scheduled for February 6-12, 2005.

Finally, students will see that the unfolding of our District's present involves each of us! Understanding our church's history means understanding the unique system of education that our forefathers envisioned. That education meets its culmination in the education of each new generation of leaders. It is the prayer of the Education Committee of the 100th Anniversary Task Force that pastors and teachers would use this opportunity to actively and prayerfully seek out students whom God may be calling to fulltime ministries. When students see ministry as an opportunity for their own lives and dedicate their energies to serving our ageless God in various leadership ways, we have come full circle and, indeed, begin another generation in fulfilling God's purpose of sharing the Gospel among His people.

Eloise Kuhlmann
Trinity Lutheran School
Amarillo, Texas