The History of the Texas District LCMS

The history of the Texas District has been divided into the following four periods. Each period is a unique time unto itself, although sometimes signified in relation to other world historical events, as well. Due to the overwhelming amount of material contained in the Texas District archives, and the lack of any significant categorization of that material, it has been a challenge for the District to encourage writers to produce content for these sections of District history. However, in the coming weeks and months leading up to the Texas District Convention, you can expect to see content from writers such as Dr. Ray F. Martens, David Goeke, Tim Ristow and Jack Wiederhold, among others. The intent is to provide an overview of each period, and a timeline of significant events, people and contributions to District history & ministry.

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A time of decision, sacrifice, resolve and great faith on a new physical and spiritual frontier in Texas.



The early beginning of the Texas District and the people who helped to shape it, through God's grace, and paved the way for all that was to follow.



The end of World War II up to this current year encompass a period of ministry that began exploring the new technology frontier.

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Where do we go from here? What is the next frontier for education? For missions? For the entire Texas District?