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John Goeke

Happy New Year. May it be filled with the joy and peace that comes only from knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord.

When the 100th Anniversary Task Force began meeting in 2001, the 100th Anniversary celebration of our Texas District seemed a long time in the future. Now, it is right around the corner. In fact, in less than two months, February 19th, 2006, the congregational celebration begins.

Congregations of our District have been encouraged to celebrate the Anniversary with a special worship service, neighborhood service projects, open houses for the community and other ways to make their church known in their communities. How is your church doing in its planning? Are you prepared to let the people outside your church know who you are and what you teach? This is a special time to publicize your church and share with them who Lutherans are and what we believe. Most importantly, it provides a great opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus to a world in desperate need of that life saving message.

If your church hasn't made special plans, it's not too late. In previous communications we have shared ideas for ways in which you can impact your community. However, I know the creativity that exists within our churches and the ideas you generate are much more meaningful since you know your people and the community in which you minister. As a reader of this message, would you take a leadership role to ensure that your congregation takes advantage of this special event to really celebrate God's faithfulness for the past 100 years in your church and community?

It is my prayer that all of our 347 congregations will say "Thank You God" for 100 years of blessings on our Texas District by reaching out to our communities and celebrating within His goodness and faithfulness.

If you have questions, information to share, or suggestions for celebrating this milestone event, feel free to email me at or call me at 325-784-7870.

John Goeke
Director of Public Relations


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