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MARCH 2006

John Goeke

The February 19th 100th Anniversary celebration in congregations has come and gone. How did it go? Many of you chose to use all or portions of the worship service prepared by the Worship Committee of the Task Force. Some of you sent the press release to your local papers. Some of you celebrated with special barbeques, picnics or pot lucks. Some of you conducted special events to which the public was invited.

A huge thank you to all of you who in one way or another recognized the 100th Anniversary of the Texas District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. More importantly, wasn't it great to give thanks to a gracious God for the way in which he has guided and directed the ministry of this District for the past century. Much has been accomplished.

When the Task Force began to discuss this special event, we emphasized the importance of not just looking to the past, but to also look to the future. What does our future hold as a church body in the state of Texas? How will ministry be done differently in the next 100 years?

In an attempt to see how some ministries might change in the future, two of our present District Executives were asked to share their thoughts regarding their respective areas of responsibility. I want to invite you to go to the Historical section of this site and click on the "future" where you will find both articles.

As we see the number of non Christians growing in our state, the work of the church becomes more and more critical. How will your church more effectively impact your community with the Good News of Jesus Christ in the next year and into the future? I'm confident that God will move His church forward in the next century as He did in this past century when His people passionately and intentionally commit to connecting people to Jesus.

Finally, we are still interested in hearing how your church impacted your community on the 19th. You can email me at or call 325-203-0679.

If you have questions, information to share, or suggestions, feel free to email me at or call me at 325-784-7870.

John Goeke
Director of Public Relations


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