Centennial Moments

Researched & Written by David Goeke


He was born in Waterloo, Illinois on June 4, 1854. In the year 1874, he graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Louis. His first call was to serve Trinity Lutheran Church, West Yegua, Texas, today known as Fedor, Texas. His name was Gotthilf Birkman. An outstanding theologian, linguist and historian, he also served as President of the Southern District (the forerunner of the Texas District) from 1889-1891 and President of the Texas District from 1912-1920. While he served as the pastor in Fedor, he also took an interest in the study of entemology. This amazing man published a list of some 307 insects, mostly bees and wasps, which he collected in or near Fedor. A goodly number of these insects proved to be new species. Indeed, some bear the name "Birkmanii" after Dr. Birkman and "Fedorensis" because they were first discovered in Fedor. . .by the "bug man" who was president. . .the amazing and gifted, Rev. Gotthilf Birkman.