Centennial Moments

Researched & Written by David Goeke


He served mostly rural and smaller congregations throughout his ministry. . .places like San Benito, Alice, Anderson and Smithville. He had a very well known last name. . .a name that would become known throughout the Synod. . .the name of Wiederanders. No, he wasn't the president of the Texas District. . .nor of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. That would have been his brother, Roland. No, this was Rev. Herbert Wiederanders.

An unassuming man with a pastoral heart, Pastor Wiederanders had seen the great value of the Christian day school in the Lutheran Church. All of his congregations, however, were too small to have a Christian day school. So, Pastor Wiederanders initiated what he would call the "Saturday School". On Saturday mornings, he would invite the grade school children of the congregation to the church for Bible Study, play time and snacks. The close relationship between the pastor and the children that was developed in these Saturday morning settings, as they would share the Gospel and have fun playing together would live on in the minds of both pastor and children alike. Pastor Wiederanders didn't stop playing after his retirement from the pastoral ministry. When he retired in San Antonio, he built in his back yard, a permanent and very complex croquet course. . .to which pastors, teachers and laity were regularly invited to come and enjoy. Indeed, he was both a praying and a playing pastor.