Centennial Moments

Researched & Written by David Goeke


Back in 1952, the Walther Leaguers (this was the official name of the youth organization of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod back then), of the Texas District were most excited about a new acquisition of the District. It was several hundred acres of land, designated for outdoors ministry and was located in La Grange, Texas. In those days, there were "equal opportunity" suggestions for the name of this new and rather primitive outdoor ministry facility. Suggestions for names were put a vote. The suggestions were:

1. Camp "Ca Lo Sta" (Camp Lone Star)
2. Camp "Luwalla" (Lutheran Walther League at La Grange)
3. Camp "SeeJee" (C.G. for Christian Growth)
4. "Camp Lone Star" "Lone Star Camp"

Well, the votes were cast - and - Camp Lone Star won out. It remains so named today and is under the auspices of Lutheran Outdoors Ministry of Texas. Thousands of children, youth and adults have benefited in a life changing way through the ministry of the dedicated folks who have served Jesus at Camp Lone Star.

NOTE: The year referenced in the above article refers to the naming of the camp not to the founding of the camp.