Centennial Moments

Researched & Written by David Goeke


Since it's beginning in 1906, the Texas District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, has had 15 dedicated men of God to hold the office of District President. Their names are: Rev. A.W. Kramer, Rev. C.A. Waech, Rev. Gotthilf Birkman, Rev. Henry Studtmann, Rev. J.W. Behnken, Rev. C.M. Beyer, Rev. E.A. Heckmann, Rev. Oliver Harms, Rev. Roland Wiederanders, Rev. Albert Jesse, Rev. Carl Heckmann, Rev. Glenn O'Shoney, Rev. Louis Pabor, Rev. Gerald Kieschnick and Rev. Jim Linderman. Of these 15 men, only nine of them have held the office "full-time", that is to say, that is was their sole position. The first seven men held the office in addition to serving as pastor to, at least, one congregation simultaneously. The Rev. Carl Heckmann was the first president of the District to be elected as a full-time president. For the first seven presidents, the "District Office Building" was their own home. When Rev. Heckmann was elected, an office was erected on the southwest corner of Concordia College, Austin, Texas, and had the address of 3301 Kim Lane. That building now serves as the maintenance headquarters for Concordia University. The current "home" of the Texas District President is the Texas Lutheran Office complex at 7900 E. Highway 290, in Austin, Texas. Whether working from their individual homes or out of a large office complex, the office (not the offices) of President of the Texas District has been blessed with Godly, gifted men.