Centennial Moments

Researched & Written by David Goeke


The above written words were those of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9. To be sure, the words are true...even where such mundane things as a congregational voter’s meeting are concerned. The unsigned notes of a member of St. Paul, Thorndale, dated 10/17/48, ended up, by whatever strange means, in the archives of the Texas District. The notes were taken at a congregational meeting. In those days, only men were in attendance...and, in Thorndale and many other rural communities, the meeting was conducted in English and German. The note taker started out in English, but, when frustration started to take its toll, he resorted to German. He was, first of all, frustrated that the meeting hadn't started on time. Then, he was frustrated that it lasted too long. Then, he addressed the subject of the meeting....money. It was apparently not the first time that the matter had come up. "Die letzte Predigt und Nachversammlung war unverdaulich. Hat mir den ganzen Tag verdorben". "The last sermon and meeting that followed", he bemoaned, "was indigestible. Ruined my whole day." He went on to say that it started out with dollars, then hundreds of dollars and was now up to millions of dollars. Well, Solomon's words seem to be true...even where congregational meetings are concerned... "there is nothing new under the sun". If you are frustrated, however, and decide to write down your frustrations, be careful where you put them. They may end up in an archive someplace.