Centennial Moments

Researched & Written by David Goeke


Since its beginning, the Texas District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has held conventions. These conventions are intended to edify, unify, educate, rejuvenate and to take care of the business of the district. Long before the conventions ever take place, programs are planned, overtures established, urgent business matters scrutinized, doctrinal issues reviewed, and much more. While King Solomon was altogether correct when he stated in the book of Ecclesiastes that "there is nothing new under the sun", still, time and culture do effect change to a greater or lesser degree. Take, for instance, the agenda for the 1930 Texas District convention held in Houston, Texas. Most items were fairly standard, such as raising the salaries of missionaries, establishing a committee to assist congregations in youth ministry, etc. Some, however, we find interesting, such as whether or not the District will petition the General Synod to permit us to divide the District and form two separate synodical districts; questioning the advisability of small congregations to join the Synod, etc. Perhaps the most interesting point on the agenda, however, reads as follows: "Augsburg Confession: Whether or not the Augsburg Confession shall be published in the leading newspapers of the state". Think we could get by with that in 2006? And, even if we could, do you think anybody would read it...or understand it? Have you? Do you?