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JULY 2006

John Goeke

Question. . .Is the 100th Anniversary over? Answer. . .Not yet.

We celebrated as congregations on February 19 of 2006. We celebrated as a District at the District Convention June 22-25, 2006. Still the Anniversary focus goes forward. In 2000 the Board of Directors agreed that our Centennial would encompass the decade beginning in 2000 and concluding in 2010.

Our goals of starting 10 new mission starts a year is certainly on target. Our goal of raising an additional $1,000,000.00 a year continues to be a challenge. Our goal of increasing our growth as a District by 2% is a work in progress. Yet we move forward with renewed energy, excitement, commitment and prayer that God will continue to bless us as He has over the past 100 years.

Just a word of thanks to all of those who sacrificed their time and talents to honor God in a variety of ways to make the 57th convention of the Texas District a special event as we celebrated our Centennial. Rather than attempting to list the names of all of those fine people, allow me to say thank you to all of you. You know who you are.

An Anniversary DVD and a sun catcher were produced for delegates of the convention. They are available for sale from the District Office. The DVD’s are available for $10.00 and the sun catchers are $5.00. Each of the above is plus freight.

You may order by contacting the District Office at 512-926-4272 or email John Goeke at

Finally, you can view summaries of each convention day by going to the podcast on this website.

May God’s love be reflected in each of our lives.

John Goeke
Director of Public Relations


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