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The 100th Anniversary Task Force of the Texas District has made an effort to keep congregations, schools and individuals informed of the celebration plans via this web site, Lutheran Witness articles and mailings.

One item in a recent mailing was entitled "Mission Planning Guide -100th Anniversary". Congregations are asked to complete that document or to respond to the online version at this link: Mission Planning Guide Survey.

We will summarize the plans for all the congregations and share them in a future publication. If you have questions about completing the online form, please contact Dr. Lou Jander, for assistance.

One of the great blessings of our District for the past 100 years, has been our schools. The following letter was sent to principals, headmasters, superintendents and Early Childhood Directors of our District. It is printed here so that you can encourage and support these valuable servants in their efforts to involve the children and young people in our schools in celebrating the Centennial of our District.

In August and again in November, a packet of information was sent to congregation leaders encouraging them to make plans to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our Texas District on February 19, 2006. Hopefully, you were given some of this material to review.

Education, and educators, have been, and are, an important part of that history. The question now becomes how can you impact the celebration in your congregation and/or your community? If you are a High School, please adapt all of the following to accommodate your unique setting.

May I suggest the following ways in which you become involved?

Ask to be a part of the 100th Anniversary Committee for your congregation so that educational history is highlighted as well as congregational history. If no committee has been selected, would you be a catalyst to get a committee organized?

Promote the February 19 worship service in your school newsletter, inviting non-member parents to join in the celebration.

Create ways in which your school can be involved in community outreach. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate to our community that Jesus is real in our lives.

Promote your activities in the local news media. A press release was sent in a previous mailing which can be adapted to meet your activity.

Use the 100th Anniversary as a springboard for promoting Lutheran Education in your church and the community.

Contact me and let me know what activities you are planning. Your plans may encourage other schools to get involved.

Most importantly, use this opportunity to more effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus to those students entrusted to your care.

If you have questions, information to share, or suggestions for celebrating this milestone event, feel free to email me at or call me at 325-784-7870.

John Goeke
Director of Public Relations


October 2005 Newsroom