From the Newsroom


Plans continue for special celebrations in 2006 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Texas District. All congregations in the District are encouraged to do two things:

1. Conduct special celebratory services on February 19, 2006. The worship committee has sent sample services for congregations to use as printed, to adapt to meet their own congregation's needs or to develop their own service.

2. To develop a special outreach into their communities in thanksgiving to God for the ministry they have conducted in that community. The hope is that it will be a service project or some other idea that will make an impact in their neighborhood. Ideally, the congregation will have special invitations to their celebratory worship service also.

Congregations are encouraged to share their plans with John Goeke so that ideas can be generated for other congregations. You can email me at

In addition to the congregation celebrations in February, there will be a special worship service at the District Convention June 22-25, 2006 and anniversary highlights interspersed throughout the Convention. Congregations are urged to bring historical documents and artifacts to display in a booth set up by the Historical Committee of the 100th Anniversary Committee. Please contact John Goeke if you have materials you would like to display.

Congregations can look forward to a unique DVD documentary of the history of the Texas District which is being produced by Seventy Times Seven Media, a ministry video firm. Mr. Tim Ristow, the producer developing this project, has been actively interviewing lay and professional members of the District for the past few months and will continue to do so in the months ahead. Please contact Mr. Ristow if you know of an individual that would be good to interview, have personal knowledge of Texas District history, or have unique Texas District historical memorabilia of interest. Older congregations of our District will also be featured in this DVD.

One of the new addition to the web site this month is a feature we are calling "Centennial Moments" within the Historical section of the web site. These interesting vignettes have been written by David Goeke, a lay member from San Antonio whose knowledge of people and events of our District are well known.

If you're reading this article and wonder why you've heard nothing of the plans from your local leaders, may I encourage you to speak to the president of your congregation, your pastor or some other leader and offer to assist them in making the 100th Anniversary celebration a priority in your church.

John Goeke
Director of Public Relations