Pre-Texas District History

1850 - 1905

Even though the Texas District wasn't founded until 1906, there were Lutheran congregations in Texas as early as 1851. Most belonged to what was known as the Texas Synod.

The first Missouri Synod pastor in Texas was Rev. John Kilian, pastor of St. Paul, Serbin. By 1884, Kilian, along with other missionaries formed new congregations across the state of Texas, congregational names we will recognize: St. Paul, Serbin; Trinity, Fedor; Holy Cross, Warda; Salem, Rose Hill (Tomball); Bethlehem, William Penn; Trinity, Klein; St. John, Cypress; Zion, Anderson; Trinity, Houston; Zion, Walburg; Trinity, Riesel; Zion, Dallas; and Immanuel, Giddings.

From 1882 to 1905, these and other Missouri Synod congregations were a part of the Southern District. Because of the number of churches being formed and because of the large geographical area, talk about dividing the Southern District began in 1888. Finally the issue was brought to the Synodical Convention in 1905 where permission was granted for the division to take place. At the 1906 Southern Convention, the Texas District was formed and the Rev. A.W. Kramer was elected the first president.