Meet YOUR Centennial Task Force

The Centennial Task Force is the team of District workers appointed to develop, plan and oversee the implementation of Centennial Celebration events and activities.

Centennial Task Force
Task Force Members. Back row (left to right): Rev. Lou Jander, Ms. Patricia Klekamp, Mr. Gary Einem, Rev. Dave Joeckel, Mr. Ed Kasper, and Mr. John Goeke. Front row (left to right): Rev. Robert Preece, Mrs. Judy Joeckel, Mrs. Joyce Heckmann, Rev. Gene Heckmann, and Dr. Keith Loomans.

Not pictured: Ms. Angela Albers, Rev. Samuel Cosby, Rev. Eloy Gonzalez, Mrs. Eloise Kuhlmann, Rev. Jim Linderman and Ms. Lisa Sample

Listed below are the Task Force members grouped by sub-committee:

100th Anniversary Task Force

President - Texas District
Rev. Jim Linderman

Task Force Officers
Rev. David Joeckel - Co-Chairman
Mr. Ed Kasper - Co-Chairman
Rev. Eloy Gonzalez - Secretary
Rev. Eugene Heckmann - Treasurer

Ms. Angela Albers
Ms. Patricia Klekamp
Mrs. Eloise Kuhlmann

Dr. Lou Janders
Mr. Gary Einem
Rev. Sam Cosby

Public Relations
Ms. Lisa Sample
Mr. John Goeke

Rev. Robert Preece
Dr. Keith Loomans

Special Assistants
Mrs. Judy Joeckel
Mrs. Joyce Heckmann

Video Producer/Webmaster
Mr. Tim Ristow